Big Boys Advertising, Targeting & Retargeting

Big Boys Advertising, Targeting & Retargeting

Want to Advertise like the Big Boys (Big Brands)?

Every company wants their brand and message to be seen everywhere. On TV, billboards, bus stops, newspapers, magazines etc. When you own a small business, you know that your budget will often restrict you to certain types of advertising.

Not anymore…We have access to 5 Billion Ad impressions per day which Fortune 500 companies are using all across the Internet!

With Internet advertising and RTB Ad Exchanges, you can now advertise the way large companies have been doing and still be able to afford the cost. Not only that, we can target your potential customer geographically, by postal code and display your ads to a specific demographic. We will put you with the

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Big Boys and expose your brand.

That’s Not All…What about the people who come to your website and leave to go somewhere else


How do you get them back?

We have systems in place to be able to show your ads to the customers who just left your website and make them reconsider buying from you. Why would you want your potential customer to see someone else’s Ad or website when they could see yours? The impact of Ad retargeting and remarketing is huge and can really benefit any business.

This service is ideal for all types of existing businesses, new start-ups, product launches or expanding into new markets.

Imagine launching a new product, service or promoting a special offer with the potential of exposing it to billions of people per day worldwide for a fraction of traditional costs!

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