Mobile Coupons via Txt Msg

Mobile Coupons via Txt Msg

Did You Know that Paper coupons only have a 1% redemption rate?

We receive paper coupons all the time in the mail, your front door, on your car windshield and often times say to ourselves “I’m going to keep it and use it later.”  What generally happens is that the coupon will sit in your living room or car and when it comes time to use it, either it is expired or you forgot to bring it.  That should justify why paper coupons only have a 1% redemption rate.

Let’s Talk Mobile Coupons…

Did you know that Mobile coupons have a 10% redemption rate and the number is growing?

This means that for every 1 paper coupon redeemed, 10 mobile coupons are being redeemed.  You might scratch your head and say why is this happening?  It’s quite simple, how often do you forget your cell phone at home? If you have your phone on you 99% of the time, like most people, that means your coupons are with you 99% of the time. You don’t have to think twice whether you have a coupon or not.  Not only that, chances are if the coupon is expired, you will easily have access to a new promotion from your retailer of choice without having to look through paper coupons.

Do you have a Mobile Coupon System in place for your business?

IncreaseMyBiz Marketing has worked with several companies on implementing a mobile coupon system which can be delivered by email or text message.  Often times, we find great success with users who combine text message and mobile coupon technology.  A customer can opt in via Txt message to a deal they see on a store window, postcard, billboard or TV commercial and in return the coupon will be available as a text message or email.  Not only that, you are able to collect data about your potential customer and link online and offline behaviour.

One of the biggest benefits of mobile coupons is the ability to connect to customers. You are able to create relationships between the business owner and consumer. Aside from offering promotions, coupons create relationships between the merchant and their customers and show that the merchant cares. Mobile coupons also increase walk-in traffic! Having access to coupons on their smartphones encourages customers to go to the physical store to purchase products.

Let us help you create a mobile coupon strategy.  Stay ahead of the trend! Contact Us for further details.


Mobile Coupons via Txt Msg

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