Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

How would you like to reach your customers anytime, anywhere, on their preferred method of communication? With mobile marketing, you can. Over five billion people across the world own a mobile device. That’s 77% of the world’s total population.

If you’re not using mobile marketing, you’re missing out on a huge communication opportunity. We know you want to do more than communicate with customers. You want to meet your goals, exceed your benchmarks, and increase revenue. Whether your goal is more sales, better customer retention, or a better return-on-investment for advertising dollars, mobile may be the answer.

Why is mobile such a powerful tool for small businesses, even more so than the internet as a whole?  Services like SMS text messaging allow you to communicate with your customers directly and on a personal level thereby increasing brand affinity and relevance.

Mobile advertising is one of the best ways to get your marketing message out to a targeted audience. With mobile advertising, you can advertise on a multitude of channels, including in apps, on mobile websites, mobile video, or even on Google Adwords. Best of all, mobile users pay attention to mobile ads. 89% of mobile phone users in the United States reported that they noticed ads while on their phone. Consumers between the ages of 18 and 29 were the most likely to notice mobile phone ads across all mediums with 93% noticing mobile ads. Users were most likely to notice mobile ads while on a mobile app or website.

There are a few important points to remember when advertising on a mobile device. One, click-thru is strongest when your ad is highly relevant to the user so be sure to target your ads geographically, by age, or by interest. For example, an app about local food would be an excellent place to advertise your restaurant, whereas advertising in a general game application may earn you a few clicks, but is far less likely to generate revenue.

Second, you must have a great call-to-action in your mobile ad. Ads that tell a consumer what to do next (for example– “Click-to-call”, Click here for 20% off your next oil change, Call Us at 123-456-7890 to setup your appointment) convert better than ads without a call-to-action. You may even want to offer more than one call to action (for example– “Click here or call”) in order to ensure the best results.


IncreaseMyBiz Marketing offers various mobile marketing strategies:

Mobile Advertising (Geo-Targeted Display and Video)

SMS Text Message – Opt In Marketing 

- Text to Win
- Text To Donate
- Text To Receive a “Free”
- Mobile Scratch & Win
Mobile coupons via text

Text Message Appointment Reminders

Ideal for medical professionals and industries that rely heavily on critical appointment scheduling:
- Doctors
- Dentists
- Chiropractors
- Lawyers
Automotive Service Facilities
- Hair Salons
- Spas


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