Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

woman-confused-with-social-media-copyIntroducing our social media internet marketing power strategy for growing your business and reputation online. This package can be purchased as a standalone program for businesses that want to set up a social media presence the right way.

Every business owner should have a social media marketing strategy in place by now. This should be a part of every Internet Marketing Strategy.

Ask yourself these questions…

1. Is my business easy to find in social media sites where my potential
customers hang out online?

2. Am I regularly monitoring and enhancing my online reputation?

If the answer is no to these questions … Then ask yourself – why not?

A new social media marketing truth you need to know.

Marketing has shifted from a one way broadcast message to your customer to a new multi-point conversation online.

97% of consumers use online searches when researching potential products or services. 78% of customers say they trust their friends recommendations. Only 14% of consumers said they trust ads. The new “word of mouth” is online social media like Facebook and Twitter. Both of these combined have over 700,000,000 members online. These members constantly seek and make recommendations for products, services and experiences for their friends and followers.

The fastest growing demographic among Facebook users is women from 35 to 65 years of age.

Social media blogs spread over 200,000,000 websites.

Your potential customers are more likely to visit blogs that match their interests because blogs are usually a non-selling environment. Whether you know it or not, your customers and potential customers are using social media sites online.

Yellow Page Books VS Social Media Internet Marketing

Are you still spending advertising dollars on old school marketing techniques such as yellow page books and newspaper inserts? Be aware 24 of the top 25 largest newspapers have experienced record declines in circulation and readership this past year. Yellow page books are shockingly expensive for what they give you in return and no-one under age 70 uses them much anymore. According to Yahoo! 92% of all business searches start looking at websites online first either at home or on their mobile phones.

Your potential prospects and customers are searching to find businesses they can trust to buy products and services from. Internet marketing is no longer just about designing a website where people can come to find your business. You also have to go where the customers are online and connect with them in those social media platforms.

GOOD NEWS for Social Media Internet Marketing …

Only 26% of small businesses have invested any time or any effort into internet marketing or social media marketing online.

This means if you start now you can get well established online before its too late and you are too far behind.

That’s Where IncreaseMyBiz Marketing Comes In…

Three key steps to our social media strategy.

1. Get out there so you can get found

Google is very important by itself but you also have to be present in other places where your customers spend time hanging out online. It’s not that easy where you can just say set it and forget it. You need to stay fresh as well. Social media sites are like big grocery stores …There is an expiry date on every message and it’s this week! You have to deliver something fresh on a regular basis or else your competitors messages are going to replace yours. You have to stay relevant and up to date.

2. Engage with social media sites

Once you get found it’s just the beginning. Now we have to engage with your new prospects on their terms. Get them to follow you on Twitter, add you as a friend on Facebook or subscribe to your videos on YouTube. Next, we have to set up a constant campaign of insightful information, expert perspective, recommendations, news, coupons, reviews and more. You are building relationships and earning their trust. In short, you are earning their business.

3. Follow up action plan

Continuing to engage and follow up with your new tribe of followers with a professional marketing campaign. Your follow up system should continue to provide valuable information, always making sure to quickly respond to comments and questions.

What is the key to a successful social media marketing program
for my business?

Get started right now. You want to get ahead of your competition not fall behind!

Integrate all the Internet Marketing Campaigns such as social media marketing, search engine optimization, video marketing, local and mobile marketing, performance web design, article marketing and pay per click search engine marketing so they amplify each other for maximum effectiveness and complete market domination in your field.

We can do all this for you so you don’t have to spend hundreds of hours trying to learn how to do it right yourself. You do what your good at and leave the internet marketing and web design u to us.

Here is what your Social Media Marketing (SMM) program provides

1. Strategic keyword rich account names
2. Set up of the accounts we choose for your business type
3. Populate and install initial content
4. Branding and theme of your accounts
5. Start building your “tribe” of new followers, subscribers and friends.
6. Continue to add content and engage your new tribe

We can also Search Engine Optimize all your social media accounts.