Text Message Appointment Reminders

Text Message Appointment Reminders

Most of us are used to being reminded of appointments by phone, mail cards and emails which can curb no show appointments. The fact is that people simply aren’t as responsive to these communications methods as text messages. In fact, 97% of text messages are read compared to 1% of all direct mail messages and 23% of all emails. Because of that fact, many companies have found that they’re able to improve their no show appointment rate even further when they switch to text message appointment reminders.

Studies by Bain & Company Consulting Group show that a 5% increase in customer retention can increase a company’s total profits by 75%. There are several steps a business can take to increase customer retention, but one of the best ways is by simply reminding your customers to come in for their appointments or to return for future service.

Depending on the industry, no show appointments can account for 8 to 20% or more of all appointments. This is a major loss of revenue and can even represent a liability risk in the medical and dental fields.

Keep in mind, you don’t need to have scheduled appointments for mobile appointment reminders to be incorporated into your business. If your clients should have a service done at a certain time, mobile reminders are a great way to gently remind them that they’re due for service as well.

This service is ideal for medical professionals and industries that rely heavily on critical appointment scheduling such as Doctors, Dentists, Chiropractors, Lawyers, Salons & Automotive Service Facilities.

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Example Case Study; 

Company: Mobile1 Lube Express

Industry: Automotive

Objective: To increase customer retention.

Summary: Mobile1 Lube Express is a national company, but this promotion was run by one shop in Willow Grove Pennsylvania. Customers were encouraged to sign-up for customized oil change reminders and were given the opportunity to receive reminders by direct mail, email, or text message. To sign up for a text reminder, customers were asked to text their license plate number into a shortcode. In addition to text opt-in, users could also go to the Willow Grove Mobile1 website to sign up for the reminders.

Customers were given cards during their oil change with directions explaining how to sign up for the reminders.

Results: 32% of the customers who signed up for the reminder system chose to be notified by text message. 35% of all customers who received a text message reminder came in for a second oil change service within 45 days. This compared to a 21% response rate for mailed cards.  On average, customers who received text message reminders spent 14.3% more than customers who had not received a reminder. They also returned 8 days sooner than an average customer.

Based on these results, Express Lube decided to retire their direct mail appointment reminders to focus on text and email reminders.

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Text Message Appointment Reminders