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YouTube is an Internet marketers dream, why Should I Care?

Video marketing can have a huge impact on your business sales. Video marketing is often over looked by many people. Most people think YouTube is just somewhere to go and watch music videos. However YouTube can be a huge marketing power house when used correctly. We have a successful video marketing formula that is very successful and can work for just about any business type.

When it comes to video marketing online, YouTube sets the standard. YouTube currently gets about 2 billion video views per day! Yes you heard that correctly – 2 billion. Out of those views 100 million are mobile device views on smart phones and tablet devices. Every minute that goes by today, YouTube gets approximately 24hours of new uploads. That works out to 2 months of new content every

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You Tube is a Very Powerful Video Marketing Search Engine. YouTube itself is actually a destination. It is a platform all on its own. People feel safe going to YouTube to search and watch movies. Videos are driving product and business knowledge out to new potential customers all day long every day. YouTube should not be ignored by businesses looking to grow customers and revenues.

You Tube is a Social Media Monster…

Most people don’t think of You Tube as a Social Media Marketing platform. Think about this: YouTube is not something you do once or watch one time. It keeps people coming back again and again to watch more and more videos. It is social and engaging, it’s exciting and it makes tons of money. It is a platform for your audience and allows you to build a community.

Their home page is very dynamic and very social. You can add friends and people can subscribe to your video channel. You will get suggested videos to watch based on your preferences and similar videos you have watched previously. You can even favorite the videos you like, it’s amazingly interactive and social. You Tube is huge.

Why is this so important to me?

You Tube has spent a lot of time and money to make an awesome dynamic home page that keeps attention. They automatically feed the homepage with new relevant content videos for you to watch. This is a formula based on people you watch, follow, like and subscribe to. Even if your potential customer is not thinking about you today, YouTube helps. They put your new content on the home page to remind your subscribers they should watch your new videos.

This is an Internet Marketing dream and its done for you automatically. YouTube gets millions of new subscribers every day. What does this mean, it means someone watched your video and liked what they saw. They liked it so much that they “subscribe” to your channel to be updated every time you make something new. This is absolutely amazing, you are building a community of followers who want to see what you do next. This is exactly what a business wants, an interactive platform for communicating with potential customers.

How would you like to have your customers doing free advertising for you every day? Well that’s another amazing benefit of using this technique. YouTube has their “autoshare” service. It has become so easy for someone to share your video once they like what they see. They can instantly share it with their friends online, on Facebook or wherever they want. It’s very easy and simple and very powerful free video marketing tool.

Everyday over 4 million videos are autoshared, that’s a lot of free advertising. This means people are doing your marketing for you – absolutely free – wow! This is social media sharing online. Its huge and you have to be a part of it. Business owners cannot afford to ignore video marketing as a major piece of their internet marketing strategy.

Consider this as well. Over 50% of all movies have a comment or rating. This is incredibly interactive and social and can do wonders for your business. Video marketing is so much more powerful than just using your

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website. You have total interaction with the movies you watch such as:

  • “updates” on the homepage
  • The ability to “comment” on them
  • You can “like” them
  • You can “favorite” them
  • You can “autoshare” them as well

All of these things make Video Marketing on YouTube an extremely social event that gives a lot of power to your internet marketing strategies.

At IncreaseMyBiz Marketing, we know exactly how to set up and promote a search engine optimized YouTube channel. Combine that with our very successful video marketing campaign formula and you have an awesome addition to your online marketing strategy online.

How We Can Help Grow Your Business?

You Tube marketing is a very powerful internet marketing strategy when done right…
We will:

  • Search engine optimization of your channels
  • Build you a list of subscribers (Potential Customers)
  • Produce and market your video campaign using our perfected formula
  • Search engine optimize your individual videos
  • Distribute your videos all over the internet to drive traffic to your primary website